If you are Applying for NRI PAN crad, These Information will Prove Beneficial

Following up with legal procedures can be slightly confusing if you have moved from the country. If you are an NRI in need of his PAN card, you can easily get hold of it. Here, we summarize them for you so that you have a basic idea of everything that must be done while applying for an NRI PAN card.

The Process For Obtaining PAN Card

The procedure for obtaining pan verification for an NRI remains the same as that by any residential Indian citizen. The same form, 49 AA must be duly filled, two passport sized photographs duly affixed along with address proof and correctly spelled names of the account holder and his father and date of birth along with birth certificate. Since the communication address differs, therefore, the amount for application for PAN card amounts to 989 INR, which includes an application fees of 93 INR along with dispatch charges of 771 INR and 14.5 percent of service tax.


The Countries Where PAN card Dispatch is available

Sadly, there are only a set of 105 nations where PAN card can be delivered. The complete list can be found at (https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan/Country.html ). If your resident country has not been listed, you can contact NSDL at

  • Email- tininfo@nsdl.co.in
  • Fax- 020-27218081
  • Phone Number- 020-27218080

Otherwise, you can also list a representative with all their details in point number fourteen of the 49AA form. Under such circumstances, the above pointer becomes nullified and you do not have to pay the dispatch charges.


Keep Track of Your PAN Card Status Online click ipancardstatus.co.in

While processing your PAN card takes a mere fifteen to twenty day span, it is recommended that you keep yourself updated by tracking the status of your PAN card online at (https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pantan/StatusTrack.html ). Input your details including acknowledgement number, application type and individual details and a couple of clicks will tell you how far you have progressed so far.




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